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May 10, 2009 1 Comment

Every day it seems there’s a story about a “promising” new diet product or treatment. Sadly, many of those news stories are from the public relations’ “spin doctors” shifting into overdrive on behalf of the corporation selling that particular product.

In other words, this “medical news” is actually nothing more than unpaid advertising. It is HYPE – nothing more and nothing less. In fact, the industry’s influence is so hidden that most reporters and editors are completely unaware of it.

So how does a consumer determine what is hype and what is hope? It’s actually not as hard as one might think – thanks to a few “consumer friendly” government regulations and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The law states that the ingredients must be listed on the label of any diet pill and, thanks to the power of the internet, finding out which of these ingredients are useful or “just plain hype” is simply a matter of doing a little research.

We decided to give an example of this research by doing it on a diet pill named “Xerisan ASA” (available at http://asa-xerisan.com/). There were two main reasons for this choice. First of all, Xerisan ASA is a fairly recent entry into the marketplace, so such a review would be useful to many people. But Xerisan ASA was chosen mainly because it has a short list of ingredients – a definite bonus for a short review article like this one!

The ingredients in Xerisan ASA are:

Calcium Pyruvate Phaseolus Vulgaris Chromium Picolinate Synephrine

We started out by checking “Calcium Pyruvate” and quickly discovered it’s actually listed as just “Pyruvate” as it can be combined with calcium or several other minerals such as sodium or magnesium, etc. What we found were a couple of studies which reported:

“For weight loss, subjects consuming pyruvate tend to lose somewhat more fat and weight (about 2-6 extra pounds) compared to control groups given a placebo.”

So pyruvate isn’t hype – it is hope!

Next we checked out “Phaseolus Vulgaris“and quickly found a human study that reported “Clinical trends were identified for weight loss”.

So, once again, reason for hope was found.

The next ingredient, Chromium Picolinate, we recognized immediately (as you probably do) because it is one of the most widely used ingredients in weight loss supplements because it has been proven to regulate glucose in humans.

While Chromium Picolinate is definitely hyped, there’s more than a little room for hope because of its glucose regulating qualities alone since that is known to help curb hunger perhaps more than anything else known to science. Obviously, curbing your hunger is an invaluable aid to losing weight.

Last but not least was Synephrine. It turns out that Synephrine is a mild stimulant and, like all stimulants, helps decrease appetite.

So what we found in Xerisan ASA was two proven weight loss ingredients and two ingredients proven to help curb hunger. This was a little bit of a surprise to us as we expected more hype than hope but we were obviously wrong in that assumption..

Anyway, this is how you determine what is hype and what is hope!

In parting, please remember that everybody’s body is different. Therefore, you may or may not experience the “common results” of using any given ingredient and, just because a scientific study showed definite weight loss benefits for a specific ingredient, that doesn’t mean you will see the same benefit.

My final thought is “Xerisan ASA” is definitely a hope even though it’s hyped! Buy Xerisan Now!

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