Mayonnaise is horrendous – don’t try and deny it.

That plastic-y, thick, white sauce adds nothing but lubrication to any dish. It tastes of nothing and yet looks like it’ll give you heart disease within seconds of it touching your lips.

The only thing it’s at all good for is sweet potato fries…and even then, ketchup is still a great match.

So it comes as deeply worrying news that mayo has out-sold delicious tomato sauce in the UK for the first time.

That’s right – mayonnaise is now Britain’s favourite condiment.

Proof that the world is burning: mayo out-sells ketchup in the UK for the first time

Over the past year, ketchup sales are dropped by 2.7%m with volumes falling by 4.2%, while sales of the white stuff have risen by nearly 7%, and volume by 7.3%.

And experts claim that the shift is all down to Brits option for healthier foods and new flavours.

Ketchup is being replaced by peri peri and chutneys, and it’s thanks to number low-fat options that mayo is on the rise.

It’s also seen as being more natural, with mayonnaise ingredients such as free-range eggs and no artificial colours or preservatives being emphasised.

‘There have been some interesting innovations within mayo while ketchup has remained largely the same,’ Laurie Booker, a marketing expert at brand design agency Cowan, told The Grocer.


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