Emotional Eating

May 10, 2009 Comments Off on Emotional Eating

Control Emotional Eating. Emotional Eating: A Prime Ingredient for Obesity. Sandra found her weight ballooning 60 pounds after her separation from her husband. While part of the weight gain was apparently tied to the medication she was taking, the rest appeared to be the result of what can be described as emotional eating. In recent …

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Food Addiction

May 10, 2009 Comments Off on Food Addiction

Avoiding Food Addiction. Food Addiction: A Craving You Can’t Seem to Control! You may overdose on potato chips or tortilla chips once in a while, but would you consider yourself to be a food addict? The answer is important, because it could be the key to determining what course of action you need to take …

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Winter Food

May 10, 2009 Comments Off on Winter Food

EATING AT WINTER Winters often causes us to gain weight. Every winter we add a few pounds. Most persons really add those pounds that are hard to lose afterwards. It’s known that during the winter we are more likely to gain weight, and then in the spring and summer we will pass time trying to …

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Black Pepper

May 10, 2009 Comments Off on Black Pepper

Variety of Pepper and its Benefits Black pepper is produced from the still-green unripe berries of the pepper plant. The berries are cooked briefly in hot water, both to clean them and to prepare them for drying. The heat ruptures cell walls in the fruit, speeding the work of browning enzymes during drying. The berries …

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Basil Benefits

May 10, 2009 Comments Off on Basil Benefits

Benefits of Basil: Nutritional advantages of basil. Basil is rich in a variety of important nutrients, most notably calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin C. In addition, basil is a good source of iron, potassium and magnesium. Basil has a long and storied history, and the name basil is actually derived from an old Greek …

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Holy Basil

May 10, 2009 Comments Off on Holy Basil

Holy Basil Information There are many rituals and beliefs associated with basil. The French call basil herb royale. Jewish folklore suggests it adds strength while fasting. It is a symbol of love in present-day Italy, but represented hatred in ancient Greece. African legend claims that basil protects against scorpions while European lore sometimes claims that …

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