Gherkins can make or break friendships.

When we see the chubby cucumbers loitering in a pal’s kitchen, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with indescribable affection for our blessed mate, or descending into a briny pit of despair at their very existence.

That’s why one spirits brand, who is clearly not afraid to get a little divisive, has launched a pickle vodka.

Although the partnership between cucumber and gin has been well explored, it is clear that the vodka lords want to usurp their cherished status and bring a new union into town.

The bottles themselves look rather suited to the turn of the season, and for some, the waxy green containers might work well as a striking Halloween accessory.

Cucumber spirit

The company also produce cucumber vodka (Blue Spirits Distillery)

The distillery, based in Chelan County in Washington, has designed the spirit as an accompaniment to the iconic hangover drink, the Bloody Mary.

‘Announcing the official release of Blue Spirits PICKLE vodka!’ they shouted on Instagram.

‘For when your Bloody Mary or Dirty Martini just isn’t cutting it anymore…’

More pickle vodka

Pickle vodka loiters at the back (Blue Spirits Distillery)

After attempting to purchase a said bottle (for journalistic purposes only) it is sadly evident that we’ll need a generous pen pal in the state of Washington itself to wire a bottle through.

But as the craft distillery flourishes, here’s hoping that more experimental spirits for those with acquired tastes inspire some vodka enthusiasts in the U.K.

In the meantime, we encourage you to plunge several pickles into your bottle of supermarket basics voddy. Pics or it didn’t happen.


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