Feast Away Your Fat program – Review

fyfaJust thinking about feasting while you follow a diet plan seems to be somewhat unreal, but reviews by knowledgeable nutritionist support the idea. This little known information is incorporated into the Feast Away Your Fat program (FYFA) by Nate Miyaki.

What is this program all about?

One of the most attractive components of this particular plan is the incorporation of a “cheat day” every single week. Not only do you get to have big meals every night, you get an entire day to pig out on your favorite foods with no restrictions. There is a good reason for this. By increasing your calorie intake one day you prevent your body from lowering its metabolism to adjust for the days when you are focused on weight loss. (for more information read this article on Leptin hormone)

Additionally, there is the psychological benefit of being able to look forward to that one day during the week, which makes it less likely you cheat on the other days. This idea of cycling calories in one form or another is one of the secrets that professional body builders use to get extremely low body fat percentages. [see this program]

Video: Why eating small and frequent meal doesn’t work well for weight loss?

What are the advantages?

One of the  very attractive feature of the diet plan is that it does not completely eliminate your favorite foods from your meals. In fact you are encouraged to eat a large meal at night chocked full of healthy carbohydrates to sustain you through the night. And of course, one also has the cheat day to look forward to as well. This makes the plan easy to stick with since being able to eat whatever you want once a week gets rid of the cravings that accompany most diet plans. Of course, during the rest of the week you will need to make substantial changes in the way you eat and the foods you choose to eat.

The FYFA  diet program works well for anyone with an excessive amount of fat to lose. An important part of the plan is adding healthy whole foods to your diet and focusing more on the timing of your meals. The diet is extremely easy to follow, especially since it does not require that every single recommendation is followed before results can be seen.

But I heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”?

What is the meaning of breakfast?
What is the meaning of breakfast?

If you are serious about losing weight, then you have to forget all the “scientific lies” our foods industry is spreading the world for decades. The food industry has only one goal – that is “just make people eat more”

What is the meaning of breakfast anyway?

Break your fast- right?

So what is fast or fasting?

It means abstaining yourself from eating anything for a period of 12 hours in day. For example, if you had your dinner at 8 PM tonight, then don’t eat anything until tomorrow 8 AM. That’s why your afternoon meal is called “lunch”, last meal as “dinner” (and NOT “mid-day breakfast” or “late night breakfast!”)  In today’s lifestyle, we hardly fast more than 8 hours.

If you can do 12 hours of fasting successfully, then you can slowly expand fasting period to 16, 18 and even 24 hours!

Alright… now Tell me exactly how FYFA program works?

Basically, the plan recommends eating light meals during the day, allowing you to be alert and productive. The feasting occurs at night and allows you to get good quality sleep while energy reserves of muscle and tissue are replenished. The fat you lose will stay off because the healthier eating plan is easy to follow and the different lifestyle very sustainable.

Imagine this scenario…

neck back shoulder painYou come to home after a  day of hard work at office; you had tons of workload and tension; you are stressed by the time you reach home. The only way you can feel relaxed is by having great dinner; when you feel fuller and satisfied you naturally get good night sleep. When your stomach feels full, you feel bit of hungry below tummy! If you are married or in a relationship, then it is the perfect time to have some romance, get tired and get great sleep together!

The theory of “don’t eat anything after 8 PM” is simply unrealistic and hard to follow for majority of people. This diet program is NOT science based, it is lifestyle based theory, hence easier to follow and stick to.

What are the Downside?

Of course, this program will not work if you are an emotional eater or have eating disorder. If you are emotional eater, then you should consult a Doctor and get treatment for hormonal imbalance. You can lose weight without exercise because almost 90% results comes from your diet alone. However, there is no way to lose weight without some determination and persistence.

One more problem: If you are a women this “feasting” approach doesn’t work well due to hormonal, physiological and emotional difference. Continue reading to discover other alternatives.

I’m still skeptic and feel that this program isn’t for me!

No problem, let me show you few alternative methods.

  1. The FYFA is based on “intermittent fasting” theory and modified to meet busy lifestyle. Intermittent fasting has been proven to be effective weight loss diet, this theory was made popular by fitness and nutrition expert Brad Pilon, I suggest you to get a copy of his Eat-Stop-Eat diet program. Ideal for both men and women
  2. If you need balanced meal through the day due to health condition, then it makes perfect sense to follow a Gluten free diet for a month. I suggest this program called Body Fuel System
  3. Although FYFA program  can work for women,  it is mainly designed for men . If you are woman and willing to workout, then I recommend John Barban’s Venus Factor program. Since the program is specifically designed for female body, it works well for woman of all fitness level and age.
Nate Miyaki, the author and his wife; wonderful and perfect couple!

Who created this program?

Nate Miyaki — he  grew up as the chubby kid of the family. He took up sports and body building to try to improve his appearance. However, he still had trouble getting rid of the chubby sections of his frame. The problem was that he was following all of the conventional advice. He was working out religiously and even tried doing the famous low carbohydrate diet. He also fell to various diet scams.

Nonetheless, he did not get the results he was looking for, and what was even worse was that his sleep and sex life suffered as a result of his efforts. Later he would discover the secret to weight loss, which he is sharing with the world in the Feast Your Fat Away Diet.

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Well it’s only a few days from thanksgiving and then it’s on to Christmas, and I’m sure there will be some year end parties, and other get togethers that involve a lot of eating and drinking.

The next 4-6 weeks are the WORST for fat gain, so you better do whatever you can to avoid gaining fat while still enjoying the holiday season.

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What do you eat on Venus Factor Diet?

The VenusFactor is a interesting diet, nutrition and fat loss course for women. It’s a online based, hence, no physical product will be delivered to you. VF’s  author John Barban makes bold claim that you can lose weight by following his nutrition manual alone. But to get the sexy shape you have to follow the 12 weeks workouts program.

Eat the food you love to lose weight!

Venus Factor allows you to eat pretty much anything you want to eat! It’s not a crash diet and there is no meal-by-meal diet menu to follow (of course in moderation). This program is for sculpting body and getting that sexy hourglass figure. If you want to lose weight then you need to restrict your calories. Again, you don’t have to count each and every calorie you have consumed in a log file. If you know that you are eating healthy foods then you are fine to get Venus body.[source]

Why Dieting Freedom is important for women?

Women cannot follow restrictive diet like men due to many physiological and psychological reason.  The way Leptin (the most important fat burning hormone) works & respond to dieting changes  differs for women from men. Typically, men can follow a highly restrictive diet program with one cheat day each week. But the same cannot be said to women!

A lifestyle that does not include eating healthy or exercising on a regular basis can only bring dangerous side effects. The risk of getting stroke and any other cardio vascular disease increase with increase in weight. Biologically, it is difficult for women to lose weight in comparison to men. This is because of the Leptin hormone and Venus factor focuses on this hormone to help reduce weight.

Watch the video below to learn more about Leptin Hormone


7 day diet plan:

There is in fact a one week crash diet called “Slim in 7″ provided as a extra program. This is meal-by-meal diet plan if you want drop tons of weight within a week. It’s a co-authored by John Barban (celebrity trainer) and Roberta Saum who is an athlete and celebrity [source] Look at Roberta’s image above. Would you believe it if I said she is 52 year old woman? tough….tough… but she is an amazing inspiration to all .

In this crash diet course you’ll learn the celebrity secret from a celebrity herself! This diet allows you to  systematically reduce your calories intake daily for 7 days. Once you have completed the 7 day diet, your waistline would have reduced by several inches; you’ll have glowing skin and much better looking booty. I don’t think this crash diet is easy to follow. But one week of sacrifice would get you amazing result. After all, this is exactly what celebrities and fitness models do before a photo session or important social events.

Final Word:

Venus factor is s a  fantastic online weight loss program for women. It cost $47 which is still incredible value because you get to learn from a world class nutritionist and celebrity trainer John Barban. And inside the Venus community you can interact with 1000’s of women who transformed their body already. Plus you can also learn from few tips and tricks from celebrities and fitness models themselves.

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The Best Ways To Eat More Fiber and Get Tonned Stomach

If you want to take your fat loss results to a higher level, one thing that you should be certain you’re doing is getting enough fiber throughout the day. Not only is fiber going to be important for helping to keep your heart healthy plus your blood cholesterol levels in a good range, but fiber can be vital to increase the satiety that you get between meals.

Many people that are following a low fiber diet may feel hungry inbetween meals, it’s possible you’ll end up snacking more which will result in you consuming more calories.

To ensure that you get the right amount of fiber in your diet, follow the simple steps below.

Add Flaxseeds To Yogurt

The first way to increase your daily fiber intake is to begin adding flaxseeds for a bowl of yogurt. Flaxseeds are not just an extremely rich supply of fiber, but they’re also loaded in essential fatty acids that are imperative for good health. Flaxseeds will help to control your blood sugar levels very well, to ensure you do not suffer an energy crash shortly after eating the meal.

Add Frozen Vegetables To Soups

Vegetables are very low in calories if you simply add some broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to your diet means it is possible to add more bulk to the diet.}

Toss Berries Into Your Protein Shake

An excellent way to boost your fiber intake is by making some protein shakes mixed with berries, like blackberries.

Start Your Day With Bran Buds

Bran buds are a perfect method to get some extra fiber into your diet. {Not everyone likes the taste of them, if you dont, just add them in along with your morning cereal.

>>>Don’t forget that exercise is important <<<

So there you have some very simple yet highly effective ways to get more fiber into your daily diet. Hunger doesn’t have to cause your diet problems, having a fiber rich diet combined with an appetite suppressant will control it.

Improve Your Health With These 5 Eating Habits

Top 5 Healthy Eating Habits

We always hear that “Old habits die hard”. However, bit by bit one can conquer bad eating habits and change their lifestyle and eating traditions. Here are five ways to get over you bad eating habits:

Never miss a meal: Skipping a meal will more likely cause more harm than good. Missing a meal depletes your body’s energy reserves and you end up craving quick fixes that pump you with major calories.

Keep track of what you eat: Part of many healthy eating habits programs insist on the importance of recording what you eat during a day. Keeping a record of what you eat not only helps you track you daily calorie intake but also helps you avoid any unhealthy eating habits.

Take Smaller Portions: Unhealthy eaters tend to eat until they feel that their stomach cannot take anymore. However, it is better to eat smaller portions slowly. This way you eat less and the food settles in your stomach nicely. In the end you eat less and still feel full.

Eat lots of fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutrients, vitamins and dietary fiber and low in calories. Eating fruits keeps calories down yet giving you desired nutrition.

Indulge once in a while: healthy eating does not mean horrible eating. Once in a week bend the rules a little and enjoy a sweet, high calorie, spicy meal without going overboard.

Phen375 EU Version Coming Soon

These days weight problems is a concern going through by most of the people throughout the world. Over the short term many pharmaceutical companies are jumping into the bandwagon for manufacturing slimming capsules and states be the best. Nevertheless the question that now arises which one to choose. Studies claims that, if a particular diet pill doesn?t help you in decreasing your weight within 4 weeks, it?s better to discard it. How ever doctor?s consultation is a must for a safe health.

Particularly diet pills for obesity helps obsessed people loose weight by suppressing appetite and crabbing their desire to have food everytime. Several diet pills are also available on the internet nowadays. But one such diet pill that is proving to be very effective is Phentermine. Approved by the US FDA as a treatment for obesity, Phentermine diet pills help over weight patient?s loose significant amount of weight within a span of 3 weeks. Anyone who uses Phentermine should always keep in mind that to loose weight it requires a mixture of well balanced diet with some exercise regimes.

Phentermine diet pills are short term treatment for obesity. It targets our neurotransmitters in the brain and changes the Serotonin levels in the brain and releases Adrenaline and other related chemicals. As a result, there is a increase in blood pressure and loss of appetite.

Since phentermine diet pills are short term and effects fast, obsessed patients can expect a considerable amount of weight in a very short period of time. This is a very important advantage over other diet medicines. Side affect like dizziness, upset stomach, nausea, and heavy sweating. But slowly and steadily as the body gets used to the drug, these affects disappears for good.

Generally a dose a day in an empty stomach is enough to receive the desire result. In case of a missing dose, don?t try to over dose it. It?s better to skip over that dose and then continue the regular schedule. For further information and for the right amount of dose consult a genuine dietician.

More about Phen 375

Phen 375 slimming tablet is different from original Phentermine drug. Currently, it is the best replacement available for prescription only version of Phentermine. [source]

Eating Whole Grains to Lose Weight

There are hundreds upon hundreds of diet plans in the market which promise speedy weight loss. Out of all these strategies only a few are effective and the rest are all but diet fads that offer short term results. The only scientifically proven way to lose weight and keep it off for good is to include whole foods in your daily meals. There are no shortcuts. Straight up healthy eating is key to effective weight loss.

What are whole foods?

Whole foods are basically unprocessed foods that can be consumed as is. These dietary food items have not undergone any type of refinement methods and processes. Fruits and vegetables are perfect examples of whole foods. They can be eaten raw and without having the need to alter or modify them in any way. A unique feature of whole foods is that they can be eaten fresh. Tomatoes, strawberries, and vegetables can be plucked from the garden and eaten right away.

One benefit of eating whole foods is the fact that they are not stripped off of nutrients. Those that are grown using organic methods are safe and contain a handful of health benefits; that which cannot be found in produce that were grown with the aid of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Whole grains and raw foods

Whole grains are a good example of whole foods that should be a part of everyone’s meal plan. Aside from being healthy, they are also proven to facilitate fast and permanent weight loss. Obviously whole grains are natural products that include the entire grain kernel. The skin, bran, germ, and endosperm are not removed with the use of refinement. These components are left intact as they are proven to contain more nutrients than those found in processed grains. During the refinement process, the bran and germ layers are removed to improve the shelf life of grains.

Although this is deemed a benefit, the process of grain refinement strips off nutrients that aid in weight loss such as dietary fibers and vitamins and minerals. Although most refined grains are enriched with vitamins and minerals, the fiber content remains low as this component is difficult to replicate and manufacture.

What makes whole grains healthy?

Due to their raw and pure nature, whole grains are filled with nutrients and dietary fibers. Whole grains are perfect examples of low-energy density foods. They contain minimal calories but are highly-dense with nutrients as well.

Low-energy density food consumption provides that feeling of fullness or satiety, thus making it less likely for you to crave and go hungry for a long while. You feel fuller on fewer calories when you regularly consume whole grains. This perfectly coincides with the weight loss rule of low calorie intake in order for the body to utilize the stored fat as energy source.

Healthy Foods For Better Living